Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tomorrow's The Big Day

When I was asked way back in October if I would give a presentation at the Ohio Design Center it seemed years away. Well the day has arrived. I spent most of today prepping for the big show.
That is Kirk, my office manager, putting the finishing touches on our teal, yes, teal back drop. It is THE color for 2010.

I set up three vignettes of furnishings from showrooms like Baker, Knapp, and Tubbs, Donghia, and B&F. They were so generous to let me borrow (steal) these gorgeous pieces for the day. Now if I can just get them into my car tomorrow. Maybe they won't notice.

This print gave the perfect balance to that wonderful paint color, Begonia, from Sherwin Williams. They will be presenting the Color Trends of 2010 tomorrow as part of my presentation and were kind enough to supply the paint for the vingettes. Love them.

This vignette isn't quite done yet. Wait until you see the unbelievable silk and cut velvet animal print upholstered benches I am borrowing from B&F to sit directly in front of that pear green sofa. Amazing. It makes they entire grouping pop.
Wish me luck...I am off to practice my power point presentation.
For info on items shown above please check links below....

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