Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Follow Ups

Ta-Da.....My clients that I referenced in my post "Wallpaper Rescue" have chosen this fabulous paper for their Foyer. It almost looks hand painted and has the richness of being printed on English paper which is more matte than US wallcoverings. I can't wait to see it installed.

Several people have mentioned to me that my post of color coded bookshelves, called "Dewey Who???", inspired them to re-think how their own bookcases were organized. I have only received one photo so far, but I hope this will inspire you to send your images my way. The bookcase above has been delightfully re-shelved by Brooke Slater of . If you are ever in need a landscape designer, she is the best. Look her up.

After blasted us with their "Most Miserable City 2010" list, I was inspired to write the author Kurt Badenhausen an e-mail and my post "I Heart Cleveland". I am proud to say that I did receive a response from Kurt. It was identical to the one a friend received, but it still felt good.

He eluded to a managing editor of Forbes Magazine coming to Cleveland this week to meet with our city leaders. Possibly something good will come of this ridiculous article.



Image of wallcovering taken from, image of bookcase provided, kindly, by Brooke Slater of and image of Kurt Badenhausen credited to

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  1. I was secretly hoping they would go with the Fuscia damask...this is lovely too!