Monday, February 8, 2010

Tom Ford, You Are A Genius!

I saw Tom Ford's, A Single Man, this weekend and absolutely loved it. To quote my friend Brooke, "Now that is an Academy Award worthy movie". Why this did not get a Best Picture nod I will never understand.
Ford not only directed this movie, but wrote the screenplay from Christopher Ishewood's novel.

I have considered Ford a genius ever since he transformed Gucci from my grandmother's label into something that was hip and amazing. A brand my friends and I drooled over each season. Even being a huge Tom Ford fan, I have to admit I was sceptical when I read that he was trying his hand in the movie business. It just seemed to be such a stretch. Boy was I wrong. He did an incredible job.

Beyond the story, which was equally insightful and jarring, and the fabulous costumes (of course, it is a Tom Ford movie), are these incredible sets. The main character George lives in the proverbial "glass house"and it is as much a character in the story as he is. The movie takes place in 1962 and he is suppose to be in suburban Santa Monica.

In reality the house is a 1949 John Lautner designed residence that is in Glendale, CA. It is the perfect Mid-Century modern home that is actually currently for sale for $ 1,495,000.00 according to the MLS listing sheet. (the address is 527 Whiting Woods, Glendale, CA if you are in the market)

My favorite sets from the movie are in Charly's home. Charly (Charlotte) is George's best friend and resides in a home dripping in Hollywood Regency. It is as fantastic as she is. Just look at that Flokati upholstered vanity chair and those fabulous fabrics.

This is Charly's Living Room and I spent this entire scene trying to look around the characters to get a better glimpse of that pair of mirrors and chests. The colors are superb. Almost like peaches on vanilla ice cream.

Julianne Moore is stunning and is dressed to perfection. I could not find a better picture of it, but please notice her purple colored cigarette in the bottom right of this picture. Just Fab! The perfect dramatic touch for this eccentric character.

Keep a watch out for Nicholas Hoult. He is breathtaking in this movie. Almost pretty. He does a tremendous job in this role and I bet we see a lot of him in the future. He looked so familiar and it was driving me crazy while I was watching the movie. I, of course, went home and googled him and found he was the child in the 2002 movie, About A Boy, opposite Hugh Grant. I thought he was great in that movie and fantastic in this one.
Try to catch this before it leaves the theaters.

All of the images were taken from Google Image. The address of the house was found on Google.

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