Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can We Be Friends????

The buzz around the studio yesterday was, "Have you seen Jennifer Aniston's new house?" I quickly perked up, as I am obsessed with most things Aniston. I actually think that we could (would) be friends if our paths would just cross.

Jen and I like most of the same things; trips to Cabo, designer clothes and bags, living in beautiful surroundings, Brad Pitt, margaritas....You get the point.

The chatter at the studio was about her being on the cover of the March 2010 Architectural Digest and how great her new house is. I rushed home to see if my issue was in my mailbox. Sadly no, but one of my co-workers was kind to share her copy with me today.

Her home is stunning. It has the feel of a sophisticated, luxury hotel in some remote location, yet is still comfortable and inviting. I began imagining myself hanging out in the Kitchen gathered around the wood burning pizza oven or shooting pool in the game room over-looking the LA skyline. I know, don't you worry, that I will never be hanging with Jen and her pals, but it is fun to dream on this snowy day.

I fell for the fruit wood piano pictured above. The simplicity of the light wood against the dark wood paneling on the wall is fantastic. To see a piano in something other than glossy black or mahogany is such an unexpected pop. The lamp in the foreground of the picture is also amazing. It appears that everything in the house has a story and a place. It doesn't feel staged or put together.

The house was designed by Stephen Shadley, who has done many homes for Diane Keaton and was named to AD's top 100 in 2009. His look seemed very familiar to me when I discovered that he had designed the AD Green Room for the 2009 Oscars. It is pictured above.
Last year when the images of the Green Room were released I thought it to be perfection. The space was actually an interior room with no windows. Shadley created the feeling of being in a highrise looking over the city by using murals.

One item I kept returning to over and over again while I was reading the article on Jennifer's house was her fabulous Hermes watch. Isn't divine? Maybe she will let me borrow it when we become friends.

The image of Jennifer Aniston on the cover of AD was taken from Google image and photo credits to Peggy Sirota. Image of her home scanned from AD issue and photo credit goes to Scott Frances. Image of AD Green Room taken from Google Image. Image of Jennifer Aniston at her home scanned from AD and photo credit to Peggy Sirota.

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  1. LOVE Aniston, LOVE her house, and LOVE LOVE LOVE her watch!!! If only I had an extra $25,000 to buy one too...