Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dewey Who?????

Ever since I began preparing for my presentation on Color that I gave a few weeks ago, I have been mad about color-coded bookshelves. I stumbled upon the image below a few years ago and incorporated it in to my talk as an example of an easy way to work color into your home.
All of those colors were always there, but they are far more powerful and become a focal point when they are presented this way.

I found these images of people who tried this concept themselves and I think it is brilliant! It has been a theme running through blogs and flicker for some time now.

I even tried to get a client of mine to allow me to color code her 3 massive bookshelves last Spring. She is a former elementary school teacher and tutors children. She has the most amazing children's book collection and I thought it would look charming by color. We organized by genre instead.

I couldn't get client to do it, but maybe I can inspire you.
So I say Dewey who? Let's get to organizing our bookshelves and add a bit of color to our dreary, snowy February days.
All images borrowed from Google image. I will give them back I promise.


  1. I LOVE this idea!

    I've always been strictly an alpha-by-author bookshelf organizer, but these shelves are gorgeous! What a cool (and inexpensive) way to bring color into a room.

    I may have to reorganize my books!

  2. Hi! I found my way to your blog from Little Merry Sunshine. :) I just had to tell you that I really LOVE the whole color-coded-bookshelves idea! It looks absolutely fantastic!! I am definitely inspired. My husband and I have a TON of books, so this may work at our house.