Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Love of Window Seats

I was interviewed last week by a writer from about windows and the questions turned to how I use window seats. I LOVE window seats. I believe they add comfort and character to any room.

The window seat pictured is from my very own kitchen. I love to entertain, as many of you know well, and everyone ALWAYS ends up in my kitchen. Since I added the cushioned seating area people end up gathering there allowing me to prep, cook, and make cocktails without tripping over my guests.

You would be amazed how many people(and dogs) have squeezed on that seat at once. Also, you may be surprised that at least 4 people have slept there, including myself. It is remarkably comfortable.

The second best part of my built-in window seat is it gives me two deep file drawers and one huge middle drawer where I store extra large serving platters, the blender, the hand mixer, and grill utensils. I love it. Everything gets tucked into place.

Oh, and it sure makes a great dog bed for Oliver!



I will keep you posted about when the article in is online.

All images taken by BBS

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  1. Window seats are awesome. They make great reading spots. I wish I had one in my current house.

    I had one as a young girl, and I loved it!