Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oliver's Twist vol.1

From time to time I, Oliver Twist Spang, will be making guest posts on mummie's (BBS) blog. I will be short and sweet as I have lots of napping to do. I really don't have time for all this blogging stuff, but she is insisting.

Mummie has found these new dog beds she is all excited about. They are made by Crypton Fabrics and they look super comfy. They are water and stain resistant. She says best part is they will actually look good in the house. I don't really get that part....
She was going crazy for this one....Something about water proof damask and she could cover a sofa in it??????

We don't have ours yet, so until we do I will stay right here on "my" sofa and sleep.
Sloppy Kisses,

Pictures of dog beds are from Google Image and of Crypton Fabrics. They can be found at Image of Oliver was taken by BBS.

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