Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stripes, They Are Everywhere...

I love to use stripes in my design schemes for my clients. In fact, I have even had a paper hanger I use frequently tell me it is "my signature trademark". I am not sure about that, but it did make me reflect on previous work and I do incorporate them a lot. They just work so well in all situations.
This is a nursery I did a few years ago. My clients moved into this home and most, if not all, of the ceilings were painted really strong colors. It was overwhelming to them to have to paint every ceiling, so I made them work in most rooms. Here I quieted the strength of the blue with these soft tone-on-tone painted stripes and worked the ceiling color into the painted mural.

This is one of my favorite carpets and I am considering using it in my house. It is a multi-colored wool stripe and it looks great on my client's stairs from their lower level. It tied all of the colors from the room together and has a fun Caribbean feel.

In this client's home, I decided to have the paper hanger hang the striped paper horizontally for a really fun look. (Yes, he is still talking to me, barely) We also painted the existing oak cabinet this bright coral pink to compliment the paper. These client's got married in the Carribean and wanted their home to reflect that style.

This is the Living Room from the movie "Somethings Gotta Give" and I dream about this striped rug a night. I just love how it grounds the room and pulls everything together. I could move into that house and not change a thing. Someday....

This is the Kate Spade store in NYC and I just love this crazy use of stripes. So fun and animated.

Nothing like a preppy, striped, grosgrain ribbons. They look great as trim on pillows or drapery panels or used as ties. They add a freshness to anything basic.

The simplicity of a striped Roman shade is wonderful. The width of this stripe is perfection for the style of this room. Any narrower and it would look youthful and wider it would be too contemparary.

This is another great use of a horizontal stripe by Miles Redd. (A fav designer I have mentioned before.) The room feels modern and fresh, but still beachy.

I love stripes in all colors, sizes, vertical, horizontal, mitered, diagonal, floor, ceiling, pillows, walls...you get the point.


images from Coastal Living, Nest Dallas, Miles Redd, www.housetohome.com, www.mohop.com, www.katespade.com, Somethings Gotta Give, and my own.

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