Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Passion for Blue; It's Two Fold

I have a passion for all things blue and white. There is nothing new, hip, or trendy about Blue and White. I am pretty sure that is why I am so attracted to it. The color combination is fresh, clean, and classic.

The set designer for one of the best houses in one of my favorite movies, Somethings Gotta Give, used the combination beautifully. And do I have to talk about that rug again?....stunning.

Blue and White looks beautiful on it own.

Or whimsical with a dash of color as in this toddler's room from Elle Decor.

It can feel beachy like it does here in Coastal Living.

There have even been books dedicated to the fantastic combination.

It is so soothing used in paintings like this one from painted by Polly Jones. I have a tiny oil painting I purchased in Florence from a street artist that I covet. It is not museum worthy by any means, but I love the charm of the blue and white bowl with a bouquet of pink roses.

The Greeks have always been drawn to the color combination and when I think of the Greek Islands, I think Cobalt and White.

So clean and simple.

I wish I could wiggle my nose a la' Tabitha from Bewitched and make this Kitchen mine.

For the month of April, blue means a lot more to me than just a great compliment to white. It is Autism Awareness Month and Blue is their color. They used the color to light up important buildings throughout the world, like the Empire State Building and Tokyo Tower. Locally Cleveland Browns Stadium and the Terminal Tower were a wash in blue, as was the Lerner Center for Autism at the Cleveland Clinic. (Seeing all of these buildings blue was a beautiful site. I hope to gather enough images to do another post)

I am sure most, if not all of you, have been touched by Autism in some way. I have several dear friends whose children have been diagnosed. These children are learning to live their best lives in their complicated world.

There is a very special boy in my life, whom I will call J.H., he is charming, smart, funny, and loving. He is a child of Autism and I am blessed to know him. He touches my heart every time I spend time with him. He brings a smile to my face, while I ache knowing everyone could do more to be advocates for these children.

For the rest of the month when you see all the beautiful things Blue & White, please think of these children, these families.

Consider how you can make a difference in their lives.



images from Coastal Living, Southern Accents, Elle Decor, Etsy, Polly Jones, Google Image, Somethings Gotta Give, Carolyne Roehm, and flickr.


  1. very nice collection of photos. =)
    My sister's wedding is this month and her dress is blue & perriwinkle, and is absolutely stunning. Great color combo!

  2. That sounds amazing! I would love to see a picture after the wedding. I had a friend wear the palest shade of pink for her wedding dress and it was lovely.

  3. Hey Barrie,

    I don't know if you knew, but my youngest son, Bradley, has autism. I was very touched by your post. It is always heart warming to me when people reach out to the cause. I find the fact that you don't have kids and are still able to be so sensitive and loving towards the towards these very special children to be amazing. It makes all those dirty looks we sometimes get, go away. All of these kids are amazing in so many ways. It takes very special and brave people like yourself to be open to it.

    xoxo Allegra