Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nautical Inspiration

Living in a town on the shores of Lake Erie with an active yacht club, many of my clients are boaters. They often want a slight, very slight, nautical influence to their homes, so I am always looking for inspiration. It is a delicate balance of adding hints of it, without looking youthful or staged.

I have been collecting images for years and I have always loved the staircase above. The use of the cleat and line is so unusual and creative.

I love this Nautical themed restaurant by Hamish Robertson. It is creative and whimsical, yet still very sophisticated. I would love to know where it is, so I could dine there. Anyone know?

Notice the cabinet hardware as it looks like a Galley kitchen on a boat.

Great use of a brass porthole on the door.

I love these!

The Captain's chair and ladder are nice touches along with the classic red, white, and blue.

I have used nautical charts as wallcovering in baths before and it has a wonderful feel.

I love it in this bedroom.

Great light fixtures and what a wonderful rug. The design firm who did this home, Diamond & Barretta, are known for their custom designed and often unusual rugs. This one is just beautiful.

The model sailboat adds a dash of nautical to this coastal feeling room.

I want one! What a great way to keep a door propped open in a Summer breeze.

The teak and holly floor is stunning and that barrel ceiling. Wow, what a Billiard Room.

This pantry in Elle Decor has such charm.

I love the colorful painted bookcase and all of the treasures displayed on it.

Looks like a boat! What a great place to have coffee and read the paper.

The crispness of the navy, white, and red is fantastic.

This painted floor is just beautiful. I love it paired with the navy woodwork.

Check out the light fixtures above the mirrors.

I love the coastal feel of this bath. It is classic and modern all at once.

The use of the line as a towel holder and chart wallcovering are great.

A ship's wheel sink. So creative.

A "ship" bed for a Boy's Room. Who needs a race car bed when this is available???

I love this use of a sail as a slip cover for this headboard. So fresh and I love the transparency.

Look at the compass rose painted on the ceiling of this child's room.

Adorable! Teak and Holly floor, check. Great bedding, check. Window seat, check. Ship's ladder, check. It is the perfect Bunk Room for a vacation home.

A modern take on the same idea. I really like the light fixtures and "shutters". Great color gray as well.

More bunk beds. Great use of contrasting bead board.

Simply perfect.

Hope you enjoyed this Nautical adventure.



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  1. I feel like I am on vacation, I could live that way every day!