Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snowboarder's Dream

This is the bedroom of the 14 year old son of a wonderful client of mine. They have recently moved into a new home and the son was in on every meeting when it came to the design of his space. It was great to see him so interested and that it was important to him how it was finished.

He gave me a little direction in sharing that he liked snow boarding, skate boarding, wake get the drift. And that he loved the color orange. I dreamed up using old snow boards for the cornices above his windows. (And not pictured, we created book shelves out of his old skate boards. No books on them yet, but they look cool.)

This silver and orange wall came directly from an idea the son had. He mentioned in one of our meetings that he wanted a perforated brushed aluminum wall with orange behind it. Pretty cool idea for a 14 year old boy.

Due to size and budget constraints(it would have been obscenely expensive), I came up with the idea of painting the one wall this great orange (Sherwin Williams Robust Orange) and having a sign person cut squares out of brushed metal looking contact paper. It really turned out great.

The final touch to the room was kept a surprise to the son by his father and me. It was a 110" wide snowboard mural decal in black to go above his bed on the silvery grey wall. It was not without challenge. No matter how easy, breezy the instructions say it might be, it was a bear.

The first one met it's demise by breaking away from the tape and sticking to its self. Nice! It was like a giant ball of contact paper when we were done. Just a disaster.
I ordered a new one and for the second go we brought in the professionals. My guys who paint and wallpaper. It was even difficult for them! But it is done, and I love it.

The best part, so does my client! He may be 14, but he sure knows what he likes....

all images from my camera and if you so choose, you may borrow them.

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