Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Peeps

I love Peeps! I always have. They make me smile.
I read yesterday on Twitter (so it must be fact) that 5 million Peeps are produced daily. That seems to be a staggering number, but it was tweeted by Paula Abdul and she would know. (I think I may have just divulged too much about myself in that sentence; retract)

These Peeps showed up in my Easter basket this morning...

Yes, I am 37 and still "hunt" for my Easter basket.

I am a traditionalist when it comes to Peeps. I am ok with the introduction of the colors to these chicks, but I scoff at Halloween, Christmas, and even the Bunny Peeps. Peeps are chicks silly people. Hence the name, Peeps.

I saw this wreath idea a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. I think I will attempt a version next year. Mine will most likely be in all yellow peeps with a teal ribbon. I do like all of the color above though.

" Peeps" are getting pretty creative with Peeps these days. I have read about them in Hot Chocolate, smushed into S'mores....

Or gracing this beautiful cake designed by Bethany Eledge of Cleveland, Tenn. The recipe for this Peeps Sunflower Cake can be found at

I was going to make Peeps cupcakes (not so civil rights activist as pictured above, but you get the point), but my Aunt kindly offered to bring dessert. Next year.

So the Peeps made it to our dinner table as decoration instead.

There they are hidden in the yellow, cheesy, plastic "grass" that only works on Easter. (Somehow)

Happy Easter, My Peeps. Enjoy this beautiful day.

images are mostly mine except peeps production line, peeps cupcakes, and peeps wreath are from google image. The peeps hot chocolate is from and the peeps sunflower cake is from and credited to Bethany Eledge


  1. OMG! You are right...we did it again! too funny! Check out the blog, Summer is a Verb, she posted about chocolate covered Peeps...they sound even better than Peeps in hot cocoa! :) They always make me smile too.

  2. That wreath is so much fun you have to do it next year. And all these creative ways to use peeps, well I might actually eat one!