Monday, April 26, 2010

An Argument for Wallpaper (Part 4-The Living Spaces)

We have looked at using wallpaper in the Foyer, Bedrooms and Baths, but in this post let's look at wallcovering options for larger spaces in your home. There are many reasons to consider using paper in your Living Room, Dining Room, Great Room, Family Room, etc....

It is a wonderful way to give color, pattern, individuality, and interest to a room. I love the way this "vine-y" (yes, it is a word in the design world) pattern gives height to this space.

It mixes well with plain upholstered furnishings to give the room punch.

Or I love, love, love the matching pattern on the walls and sofa in this green and ivory pattern from Thibaut.

This raffia-like texture gives so much warmth to this Family Room.

The Home Office! What a fun way to dress up your work place. That paper would draw me to work every morning.

This green and white floral is so fab from Elle Decor and I worship those faux-bois fabric covered foot stools.

If you have lunched at Bergdorf's as of late, you may recognize this fabulous wallcovering and those gorgeous periwinkle leather canopy chairs all designed by Kelly Wearstler. So elegant.

The accent of the blue colorwash paper is so fresh with all of the white woodwork and furnishings.

Love the blue and white mural in this Dining Room. I love how it is a serious nod in an otherwise relaxed space.

This Chinoiserie paper makes this Dining Room. And that background color. Amazing.

Using paper in larger, more lived in spaces is bold, but I know you won't regret it.

Tomorrow: Unusual Uses



all images are from Google Image and include images from Elle Decor, Thibaut, Southern Accents, Veranda


  1. I love the raffia wallpaper! Many years ago Lee did a similar look in our den - white raffia-like paper with a golden yellow ceiling - it was gorgeous. There is nothing quite like lunch at Bergdorf's - I always felt like a princess in those chairs :)Thanks, Liz

  2. Ummm that lighting fixture in the last photo is to die for!

  3. Liz, thanks for commenting. Yes, you do feel like a princess in those chairs. And Brooke, it is to die for.

  4. Hi, I need!!! the wallpaper in the last photo, do you have the details please?

    Thanks Kerrie