Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Like almost all females I went to see Sex and the City II this weekend. It was my birthday this weekend, so my best girlies and I headed to the theater Friday night, cosmos hidden in our purses, to take in the ladies of SATC.

I know, I have read the reviews and I have seen the media criticism, but I really enjoyed the movie! People, this is not Schindler's List.
It had everything I expected and wanted.....

1. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte were back to them being themselves. 2. The other characters like Big, Smith, Stanton, etc. were in it just enough, but not annoyingly. 3. The clothes were out of this world. 4. Do we even have to discuss the shoes, purses, and jewelery??????? 5. I laughed. A lot. But, most important to me...6. The sets were amazing

Carrie and John Preston's (As they are known in this movie) apartment was like another character in the movie. They have moved 12 Floors down from their dream Penthouse showcased in the last movie. Supposedly Carrie has spent the last 2 years decorating and ordering furniture."She" has done a good job. In reality, Lydia Marks is to be complimented for the gorgeous set design.

I am overly obsessed with the tile back splash in the Kitchen. As the movie ended, my friends started to gab about the movie and I blurted out, "did you see the tile in Carrie and Big's Kitchen?" Blank stares, then right back to convos about the clothes, shoes, hair, jewelry....

My absolute favorite part of the apartment is their bedroom. I just love the pattern on pattern in this space. In design I have noticed a movement away from the clean, crisp modern of a few years ago and this illustrates it perfectly. Love, love, love the wallpaper, especially cut into the picture moulding. And you can barely see it from this angle, but the patterned headboard is perfection on the wallpaper.

If you have seen the movie, you know that this sofa plays a big role in the story. The navy jewel toned fabric is scrumptious. And I love how the tray on the cocktail table is staged with all of the books and those succulents. But the piece d'resistance in this scene is the lapis pouf on which Carrie is perched. Love the whimsy of it.

The most fantastic sets are from their trip to Abu Dhabi. I just love this scene when they first enter their $ 22,000 per night suite at their hotel. It is so over the top in all the right ways. Just look at that pale pink and bright green with all the gold. (And those outfits!!!!)

I am so glad I was able to find a shot of this chandelier because it was one of my favs from their suite. Anywhere else this would look gaudy, but here....perfect.

I loved this scene about as much as I was drooling over the decor. The room is so sophisticated and glamorous.

Not really a set, but I just love everything about this scene. The clothes, the decadence, the tents, the laughs.

Such a great nightclub set. Terrible song choice though. I really thought they missed on the opportunity for a great, memorable song moment. Sort of lame. But I love the design.

Ahhhh, Carrie's old apartment returns in SATC2. It becomes a respite for several of the characters and I was reminded how much I loved her renovated space. I am still in love with those blue walls and I like how her love of blue was "carried" (sorry, I had to do it) subtly from this apartment into her new place.

And her closet.....



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