Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hydrangea Heaven

I am currently in Hydrangea Heaven at my house. I love them for so many reasons. There is such a range of colors, they bloom from now well into the Fall, and they are, frankly, pretty easy to care for all season.
I just love this pale periwinkle color that only comes with the first blush of the blooms. These same blossoms will be a much stronger cornflower blue in just a few days. You can even see it happening in the background of this picture.

This is actually two different bushes on the side of my house. The right one is the prettiest, creamy white in early Summer and will turn a fabulous champagne pink in the late Summer and into Fall. The one on the left turns cranberry and sage later in the season.

This is my hardiest, most faithful hydrangea and it sits at my front door. For 10 years it bloomed all season, no matter what, until last year. We had a late frost and a late, heavy snow fall in 2009, so I am sure that was a factor, but I was crushed.
I was determined to get more than the six blossoms I got last year....How am I doing? I did not cut this bush back in the Fall like I normally do, so I think that did the trick. (I will have to this Fall or I won't be able to see out of my windows.)

I almost lost this one last year, but I didn't pull it and look how it is doing! It will be a bold, fuchsia pink all Summer.

This was my very first Hydrangea and it always does great. It is bright white at first and then turns solid apple green. Just beautiful.

This barely pink one sits next to my side door. The plant is about three times the size it was last year and has so many blooms to come.

This was an Easter plant that was given to me years ago and I decided to plant it. It has never had one bloom since it was planted, but this year I have dozens coming. We will have to see what color it is when it finally comes out.

This was my birthday present this year from my sweet father, thanks Dad! He planted it outside of my screened-in porch (from where I am typing this right now) and I am trying to keep it the pale blueish lavender it was when I got it. I sprinkle my coffee grounds each morning per the suggestion of the garden shop from which we purchased it. We will see......
So I already have cut blossoms in vases in my house and I am a happy girl.

all images are mine, enjoy!

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  1. LOVE THEM! I'm taking out 4 bushes at my house this summer and will definitely be planting hydrangeas. I LOVE little effort plants that are beautiful.