Monday, June 7, 2010

Model Home X 2

This is how my day started....
Last week one of our best clients called in a panic. He is the developer of a housing project we have been consulting on and they decided at the very last minute to partially furnish and stage two model homes. "Could we help?"

" Sure, of course". We have done plenty of models for this company.

Wait, there is a catch.....It has to be planned, purchased, shopped, and installed by when???? Tuesday at 11:00am. Gulp, sure, we can do it. So we put everything else aside and went shopping. And we did more shopping, and then some more still.

Yes, they were still painting the walls when we arrived this morning for installation.

Paul making an empty niche look pretty.

These are some fab synthetic wicker planters we found on our spree. We filled them with foam and they were eventually mossed. They look amazing!

We added bamboo sticks to the large one for some height. These planters are an inexpensive and effective way to fill an empty corner.

Empty bath this a.m.


Busy, busy, busy.....

Those pillows are my favorite thing so far. They are goldish, copper metallic on ivory burlap. Love.

That is the wall that was being painted in the morning. They are hanging the tv and notice the honed granite mantle that was just installed. Nothing like the very last minute...

I will post the completed pictures tomorrow....Whew, just a few more finishing touches and we will just make our deadline. I feel like I am on a show on HGTV today.

all images belong to moi!

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