Friday, June 11, 2010


I am not often blown away by new companies. They often look like everyone else. Or they are too expensive. Or they look cheap. I know they will come and go.

Yesterday afternoon one of our reps dropped by and introduced us to a new division of a company we have sold for a while, Summer Classics. SC, like its name suggests is outdoor furniture. Great company; good product. I have a SC sofa on my screened in porch as a matter of fact.
I was surprised to hear that they had opened an interior furniture company and I was shocked when I saw the catalog. It is called Gabby Home and I love the look of it. It is subtitled "Decor with a story" which I love and there are handwritten notes about the pieces in the catalog. Great smokey finishes, they utilize reclaimed wood, and the distressing is wonderful.
There were not many images available as the company is so new, but they have an excellent website. Check it out and if you would like any additional info or pricing on any of the pieces, please let me know.
Just Beautiful!

images belong to Gabby Home

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