Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And we did it!

With 22 minutes to spare we wrapped the two model homes.....
Here is how the containers with moss toppers turned out. What do you think? I thought they looked great. Nice work Paul.

We really struggled to find the right art pieces to flank the fireplace. I will share a little trade secret, promise not to tell????
We had to make some adjustments to these prints to make them work. They were the right size and the perfect shape, but they were the same. Identical! So we flipped one over to hang it upside down.
And they were still a little dull, so we broke out metallic copper paint and gave them a lift. This also allowed us to make changes to the prints, so they looked totally different when we were done.
Remember, scouts honor, no telling.

The backgrounds were neutral and light throughout the model, so we needed some punch of color. We decided on peacock, orange, and copper to brighten the space. You can see touches of it through the rooms.

The bar stools really completed the island and we added hints of orange and white on the countertops.

We found that fantastic peacock blue vase and added the burst of orange with faux (a nice way to see fake) tropical flowers to balance the piece of art and brighten the area.

Mission Complete!

all images belong to me.


  1. Beautiful!! I love the bursts of colors (esp the colors you chose) And I LOVE tht secret you spilled! Might have to try that...I've run into that problem before! :-) Actually, my problem involved flowers, which wouldn't work so well. Anyway, will you come to my house? :-)

  2. I did a color scheme of aqua, copper and champagne...very similar. Loved it, it is such a warm and energetic palette. The metallic fabric against the black is high drag!!

  3. Jessica, of course...I love to travel. Brooke, Yes, very high drag.