Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This morning I was interviewed about my ultimate favorite topic....COLOR! Color is the reason I became an interior designer. I love to be surrounded by color and look to color for inspiration on all of my projects.

The article was suppose to be focused on Color Trends for 2010 (boring), but we spent most of the time discussing how to get people to use color in their homes and how to find your personal color inspirations.(much more interesting)

Look for the article in The Cleveland Plain Dealer or at on April 15th. Something to brighten your day a bit after paying your taxes, gulp.



  1. Ha! Yes, great minds do think alike, and what a photo too! Post the article after it comes out!

  2. Alright... I am so envious of people who can read colors. I have the hardest time understanding the whole concept. Most of my life I stuck with the safe beiges until five yrs ago I started branching out with greens, reds and golds. Now I'm moving towards more browns and blues. See, you would have probably used different terminology about the colors too. :)
    Anyway just found you thru the zhush, who is a darling.

  3. Hi again, Barrie. I tried twice yesterday to see if I could read the article, but couldn't find it. Is there a direct link?

  4. Thanks for the interest! I will post it on April 15th for sure.