Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Indoors

Spring is slowly starting outside, but I wanted to jump start it inside my house. I needed the color, something living, and the fresh smell. I decided to plant some primroses in one of my favorite bowls.
Primroses come in a mix a fabulous colors from bright pinks to whites, purples, and lavenders. They scream Spring and I love them because they are easy to care forand the best part, inexpensive. I planted 4 plants in this bowl and it cost me less than $ 10.00. The bonus they will last twice as long as a vase of cut flowers.

I also needed a burst of color on my mantle. I love these tiny purple flowers. They have a lace-like effect and just spill over the edge of my cache pots.

They look so fantastic against my lime green walls in my Living Room and will get me through these remaining days of Winter.
It is so easy to add some Spring to your home! Get out there and brighten your day.
Now I am off to get Oliver a new Spring collar.


all images taken by BBS

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