Friday, January 29, 2010

Installation Day

Any interior designer will tell you that Installation Day on any project is as stressful as it is exciting. Today, I had day 1 of a three day install of an entire house and all things considered the project went pretty smoothly.

By smoothly I mean that the sectional, yes sectional, that I ordered for the lower level of this house just barely fit. By just barely I mean that the movers had to take the sliding glass door out, yes out, and "grease up" the sides to slide it in. Oops. Well, that was the least of my worries....

Four pieces of the five piece sectional were comfortably resting in the basement while the movers replaced the sliding glass door. (Did I mention it was 12 degrees in Cleveland today. Very Chilly)

In comes the fifth and final piece of the sectional and it is in a completely different fabric than the rest of the sectional. My boss came running up the stairs from the lower level to ask if I was, "doing anything unusual with the sectional, you know, something really crazy?" I replied hesitantly, "No, Why?" "You may want to come down here then."

I rushed down stairs and burst out laughing. It looked so ridiculous. As I examined the odd piece of the sectional sitting proudly in its own fabric I pulled back the inspection tag. On the tag were 6 different signatures of 6 different controllers who looked over this sectional and decided it was good enough to be shipped????? I can't believe one of those six people didn't look at these 5 pieces and think to themselves, "Hum, that one doesn't look like the others"??????????

Oh well, it can all be fixed and my client was unbelievably understanding.

I will post more pictures as we near completion and, of course, pics of the finished product.



  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG! Can't wait to interview and feature you on SC blog. Love you and you are SO GLAM

  2. Welcome, I must say that I do like the cow. I have added you to my reader and I will look forward to your posts.
    Again Welcome Aboard.

    Always Bumby