Saturday, January 30, 2010

Installation Day 1 1/2 (it's Saturday)

Things are really coming along at the house. This is how everything looked yesterday when I left the "scene of the crime" let's say.

This is a unique project in that I am working for a recently divorced father of a 14 year old boy. They have been living in a fancy corporate rental apartment that provides everything down to pillows and towels. (I have to say ewwwww! here. I am not sure why this creeps me out, as I LOVE to stay in nice hotels, but this seems different somehow) They are unusual because clients always come with "stuff" that designers need to work into the house. Mostly it is good, sometimes it is awful, but it always needs to be incorporated into the scheme.

So, we will call him Client, is moving into said house with nothing. Well not nothing, but nothing in terms of what I provide. So, I have been a shopping fool, purchasing furnishings, lamps, decorative accessories, rugs, sheets, towels(much softer and fluffier than the corporate rental I can assure you), picture frames, lamps, waste paper baskets, get the point. I am providing everything to create a new home for them.

So you can imagine my panic when Client called on Wed. to "ask" (say) if it was alright if he slept at his new home after the first installation day. WHAT????????? was what I was thinking as images of cardboard taped to the floors, boxes, wrapping paper, garbage bags, S&$# everywhere flashed through my brain. "Of course, that will be great!" is what I responded.(of course)

Everything went fine and I have set up shop in the heated garage. It looks like a Bergdoff's sponsored garage sale, but will actually work out just great!

As you can see from the picture the key pieces are in place. Art is propped against the walls waiting to be hung. Lamps are in place, well until I move them a zillion times next week. The finishing touches are waiting patiently in their garage spot for Monday morning. It will be another whirlwind of a day.

I am off to shop some more and I can't wait to hear how Client slept in his new home!



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