Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Things First

Oh how do I begin.....Let's see....The only polite thing to do would be to tell you a bit about myself. I am Barrie, an interior designer in Cleveland, Ohio. I am single and live with my sweet grey dog named Oliver. He is a 2 year old silver lab, but you will hear more about him later.

I hope to share the hilarious tales of being an interior designer. I swear I could write a book with all of my stories, but baby steps. Let's see, I have been chased through a client's home and bitten on the bum by their dog. I had permission to be in their home, but they must have forgotten to tell Fido. I have even had to clean up pet vomit off of a gorgeous antique rug that was on trial at a client's home. No, they didn't keep it and yes, I did tell the rug dealer. And those are just some of my animal stories....More to come, promise.

Parties are my thing. I love, love, love to plan parties. I have planned dozen of parties in my mind that will probably never even come to fruition. I love theme parties, cocktail parties, dinner parties...you get the idea. Several of my friends in Cleveland own bars and restaurants and I love to help them plan events for their places. It is just so much fun. I get such a high when I see all of my guests mingling and having fun.

I love movies. All movies. Indies, Blockbusters, Chic Flicks, comedies....I am not a movie snob, but I do get obsessed around this time of year. I become obsessed with the Oscar contenders. I aspire to see all of the movies that are nominated for the major awards, Best....Movie, Director, Actor, Actress, and Supporting. A few of my friends have joined me in the quest to see all movies and it is really fun.

A big part of my life is cooking. I really didn't cook anything until after college. I am totally self taught. While my mom was actually a really good cook, she rarely did it. We ate in really nice restaurants 4-5 times a week. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she could have had an entire dinner cooked and if my dad called to ask if we wanted to go out to dinner, she would say yes. That meal would be in Tupperware faster than I could ask where we were headed and we were out the door. I am not complaining. I enjoy dining out and cooking equally. Both are very relaxing and enjoyable to me.

All of this chat about myself is boring me, so I will wrap it up by saying, I also enjoy reading, traveling and I volunteer my time to several organizations. I believe in the importance of giving your time, efforts, and donations to those in need.

Well that is me in a nutshell. I look forward to opening up to you. Making you giggle. Sharing design insights, tips, and secrets. Getting to know you. Growing with you.


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