Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Have a Crush!

Miles Redd
I have a runs pretty has been going on for quite some it might not be the kind of crush that you may be is with the man above, but it is not for his dashing good looks...I have a Design Crush on Miles Redd.

Veranda, Miles Redd, Fritz Von Der Schulenburg
When I got home last night after a l...o...n...g day at the office, I was gleeful to find a shiny new issue of Veranda. As if by magic, the magazine flipped open to the page above and I almost burst with happiness. I mean have you seen a more beautiful room????

I apologize for the quality of the images as I scanned them from my actual issue, but Redd may have reached perfection! Those drapes! The zebra ottoman, the mantle, the soft green walls, the fabrics, the scarlet lamp shade. Amazing.

Veranda, Miles Redd, Fritz Von Der Schulenburg
Those canary yellow walls are stunning. I adore the mix of the rug, the red sofa, the patterned draperies, and the animal print pillows. Redd has a daring, unapologetic use of color and pattern that rarely achieves success. He not only reaches it, he blows it away.

Veranda, Miles Redd, Fritz Von Der Schulenburg
My list of favorite items in this room in no particular order: 1. The Christopher Spitzmiller yellow lamps 2. The animal print carpeting 3. The amazing de Gournay wall covering 4. The Oscar bed 5. The Lorin Marsh mirrored chests 6. Oh, wait.....everything in this room is my favorite....

Elle Decor, Miles Redd
I mentioned that my love affair with Miles (I mean we should be on a first name basis already) has been going on for quite some time. I collect images of his work when I see them published in magazines.

Elle Decor, Miles Redd
He has a wonderful use of lacquered walls, patterned floors, and colorful shades.

Miles Redd, Paul Costello-photographer
Really??? Do I even need to say anything about this space?

House Beautiful, Miles Redd
How amazing is the pumpkin colored tufted settee with the deep teal walls and woodwork on the herringbone floor paired with the ikat covered chair????

Veranda, Miles Redd, Fritz Von Der Schulenburg
On a separate note, I would like to congratulate Veranda on the most stunning cover of a design magazine in quite sometime. I love the simplicity of no wording and the gorgeous green walls. Beautiful.
If you do not already subscribe to Veranda, do yourself a favor and pick up the Nov/Dec 2010 issue at the news stand. You will not be disappointed.


  1. woooow!i completely agree! right now, i'm working on a post about rooms and designing for my blog.. and he's definitely there! :D come check it out :D


  2. I'm such a fan too! The last bedroom you shared is one of my all-time favorites...I love everything about it. When I was in NYC last year, I totally stalked his neighborhood trying to find his apt. He has this gorgeous aqua door. Found it and absolutely made my day!