Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pink Power

Flowers at entrance of Cyan Design at the High Point Furniture Market
I have been aiming to put together a "Pink Power" post all month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month so with only a few days left here goes....

I consider my mother a Breast Cancer Survivor as her battle with the disease was sandwiched between her more intense fight with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer that eventually took her life two years ago this month.

a stunning fuchsia settee in a showroom at High Point
When she beat her breast cancer, she and I grabbed on to the title of her being a "Breast Cancer Survivor". We exchanged pink ribbon charms for our matching Tiffany bracelets. She was gifted pink ribbon pins, charms, and jewelry. She even attempted to do the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer walk one year in a wheel chair, but extreme weather forbid it.
I believe she and I rallied around this title, because deep down we knew she would never, ever be a "Cervical Cancer Survivor".

pops of pink in the Wildwood Showroom in High Point
I think of her many times a day, but in the month of October her memory seems to swarm me.
I got to thinking about how we can bring more pink into our lives and not just for October. There are many ways to surround yourself in the "Power of Pink" in your home. It is truly one of my most favorite in a long list of favorite colors. It is a warming, comforting color.

I often specify Benny Moore's Shell Pink 883 for Guest Bedrooms, Baths, and even Master Bedrooms. It is a whisper of pink that looks fantastic with creamy white woodwork and dark hardwood floors.

benjamin moore
My Master Bath is painted Ben Moore's Peony 2079-30. I live in a house built in the 20's, so I have the original classic white and black tile in my bath and it looks great. It is a strong pop of color with all of the white.

benjamin moore
Benjamin Moore's Razzle Dazzle 1348 is a new favorite. Recently my friend Allyson and I selected this color for her walk-in Master Bedroom closet. It is fabulous!!!! Try it. All of her shelving is white and she is going to eventually do a shaggy white carpet for the floors. Everything, I mean everything in her closet looks great with it. Super fun.

benjamin moore
Do you want to do pink, but fear the intensity of a stronger, more fuchsia color??? Try a more salmon based pink like BM 012 Coral Reef. It looks amazing with soft greys and creams.
While "Breast Cancer Awareness" Month ends Sunday, let's surround ourselves in a little "Pink Power" and do our part in beating all cancers.
It doesn't take much. $10.00 here, an hour of volunteering there. Sign up for a charity walk with friends. Do what ever you can and I am confident in our lifetimes we will see a cure!


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  1. Thinking of you, I know that pain never goes away. We all need our moms,no matter how old we are.

  2. Allegra, thanks so much. We do always need our moms. Some are just have them a little longer than others. xoxo

  3. I am happy to know how you and your mother support women with Breast Cancer and all who survived the said illness. And I truly salute your mom for being strong enough fighting with her sickness. It's so hard to deal with this actually because according to some sites, an average of 23,200 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 5,300 die from it.

    But on the positive note, the pink stuff here are so cute. Not every mothers would love to color their homes pink actually. And like you, I put some pink touche in our home by going to some Sarasota flooring stores and got myself Sarasota tile that are color pink for my bathroom and for my kitchen. And it really looks so cute and adorable!