Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Herbs A'Plenty

I hope everyone had a delightful and fun holiday weekend. I, myself, am exhausted. I had a dear friend come in from Chicago for the weekend, so it was busy, busy, busy. Lots of cocktails, sun, and fun.

After I picked up Mel B (her nickname for the weekend) at the airport, we headed to my house to relax before a busy night. I had just trimmed back my already bountiful herbs, so I had lots of lemon basil and mint on hand. Into the cocktails it went and they were yummy. I thought I would share the "recipe"

Vodka of choice
3-4 lemon basil leaves; torn by hand
5-6 mint leaves; torn by hand
2-3 wedge of lemon
Club Soda

Fill tall glass with ice. Pour in desired amount of vodka. Put in basil and mint. Stir around. Squeeze in lemon and place wedges in glass. Pour in Club Soda to fill the glass. Give one last stir and enjoy on a patio in the sun.

For a little more color add fresh or frozen berries. (Thanks Ally)

They were a great kick off to a weekend full of great friends, cookouts, parties, boat rides, good laughs, and lots of fun.



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