Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Floors and More....

I am really in a Summery mood these days and nothing looks more beachy and cottage like to me than a painted floor.
I believe that the floor of a home is often an over looked surface for detail.

It is such an opportunity to make a statement or set the tone of the space.

You can pull in design aspects from other areas like this bathroom above.

Or go completely neutral as this fresh, white bedroom.

This geometric painted floor really sets a modern tone to the room.

Or it can feel more traditional as this Kitchen does with the tile pattern.

I love the whimsy of this colorful floor and island.

Or the whimsical feel of this Beach Retreat.

I think this painted runner is beyond spectacular. That pattern and those colors off of the glossy black woodwork. Fantastic.

This Kitchen's floor really sets a Nautical tone.

And this Herringbone design is soft and elegant, yet modern.

Even staining the wood in different colors creates a wonderful interest.

So next time you are bored with a space in your home consider the floors. You can paint almost any floor surface, excluding carpet of course, and really change the feeling of a room.

all images form Google Image.


  1. Our tile popped up in our home and we are trying to figure out a solution without spending a lot of money. Do you have any tips for painting a (smooth) concrete dining room floor?

  2. I love the "striped" look of the 3rd photo, the "herringbone" and the last photo!

  3. I love all of the Ideas, we do tend to forget the floors.
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Will be looking forward to your 2011 posts.
    Thanks :)
    Always, Bumby