Friday, July 16, 2010


Spoiler Alert!!!!! If you are going to see Lady GaGa's Monsters Ball tour and want to be surprised(Kristi I am talking to you) stop here..... I, along with 20,000 other crazy Clevelanders, went to see Lady GaGa on Wed night. It was blow your mind amazing.

I had read months ago that she had designed her concert to be more of a theatrical performance and it did not disappoint. It was like a funky, Avant-guard musical on Broadway.

There were sets, costumes, and a loose story line. GaGa and her friends are on their way to the "Best Party Ever", The Monster's Ball, and they run into all sorts of characters on the way.

While the costumes, dancing, and performance beyond fabulous, I was totally taken with the sets. Such a creative use of the stage and lighting. In reading more about Lady GaGa after the concert, I have learned that she has her own creative production company, Haus of GaGa, that designs all of her tour and video back drops and stages. Very impressive.

Her touch is on all of the details of her tour. And yes, that is a flaming piano.

It was so great. It blazed the entire song.

The concert was divided into five productions and this act was fantastic. Her costuming here was incredible, but I loved how the stage lifted her about 15 feet in the air.

Her dress had a 10 foot train and all of the filament in her head dress mechanically moved. Genius.

The use of this moving sphere was just great. Very robotic.

This was my favorite act of the show. GaGa and her friends have reached Central Park in their search for the Ball. It was very Wizard of Oz feeling and had a wonderful use of backdrops and lighting.

The monster was fantastic.

I pulled a close-up picture off of the web, so you could better see how wonderful he was in scale and detail.

Here is my group at the After Party. Me, Candi, Brooker(My photographer for the concert), and Maggie. Sadly we had lost half of our crew by the point this picture was snapped, but it was a great night with the ladies.



all images belong Brooke Haynes Gallucci except the close image of the monster which was taken from Google Image.

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