Saturday, August 7, 2010

Well, It is Official

While the design world has been a flutter with gossip and I have been reading posts, tweets, and status updates for weeks speculating this, it seems it is official that Margaret Russell will be leaving her post at Elle Decor and heading to AD. I couldn't more excited.

I will probably be taken out by some interior design hit man for saying this, but Architectural Digest needs a good, swift kick in its rump. It has been swirling on the edge of demise for years and has been riding on its reputation of days gone by. I, gasp, actually let my subscription lapse last year. The magazine paled in comparison to so many other quality shelter magazines out there, Elle Decor specifically.

I recently decided to subscribe again and I was shocked when my first issue arrived at how thin it has become. AD had always been a thick, meaty magazine and this issue was a 1/4 of that "normal" size. Sad. Sign of the times I thought to myself.

But now, I look forward to Russell's creative and fresh touch on the magazine. I know it will be full of exciting and beautiful homes with exceptional design. I anticipate features on places in cities other than NY, LA, or Miami. (It may shock the staff of AD when Russell explains that good design can be found in other cities)

I can't wait to see what she does with this Architecture and Design institution.

She has major obvious challenges ahead of her. A declining ad base, a shrinking readership, and exploding budgets, but I am confident she will breath new life into this revered industry bible and make it her own.

She assumes her new position in Sept. and her first issue hits the stands in Jan. 2011. I simply can't wait.

Happy Weekend!



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  1. I am sure AD can only go up from here. They made a smart move getting Margaret. Have a great week, Barrie!