Monday, August 30, 2010

Dreaming of Pink and Green

Suzanne Kasler is the designer and photo from House Beautiful

I attended a friend's wedding this weekend and the color scheme was Pink and Green. It is now my current obsession.

It was a beautiful wedding at a Beach Club at the shores of Lake Erie on a lovely Summer night. There were giant fuchsia paper lanterns strung about and the maid of honor was in apple green. The children in the wedding were done up in pink and green dresses for the girls and green and white checked shirts on the boys. There was even a candy bar with all pink and green candy. It was fresh, adorable, and perfect for the setting

found on google image; no credit found

I have not been able to get the combo out of my head since Saturday night. I am pretty preppy. Always have been. So I am not afraid of the combo. I think it can actually be a pretty sophisticated combination.

When I think Pink & Green interiors I immediately think of the original interior designer, Mrs. Dorthy Draper. Which then makes me think of Carleton Varney, her protege. I then remembered that my friend Brooke had just sent me this shot of her trip to Upper Michigan which included a stop to The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw.

Photo by Brooke Haynes Gallucci

Stay with me....Isn't that carpet fabulous????? Look at the scale of those geraniums. The Grand Hotel has been famously decorated by Carleton Varney over the years. Just beautiful.

I have used this image from Palmer Weiss Interior Design before, but I just love the feeling of this room. Bright, exciting, and comfortable.

photo by Ashley Green for Lucy and company

I love the over sized scale of this painted wall and the pop of the pink artichoke lamp and pillow shams.

photo from House Beautiful

This is a wonderfully elegant and very grown up use of pink and green by Carleton Varney which was featured in House Beautiful. Mr. Varney learned his wonderful use of P&G while working under Dorothy Draper until her death. He has run her company ever since.

It takes talent to make the combination look this beautiful.

photo from

Here is a fun and modern wallcovering that gives a real zip to the space.

I have been considering an addition of a deep pink to my lime green Living Room for years. This just may have given me the push to do it.

Remember Pink and Green is not just for little girl's rooms anymore....




  1. My nick name is practically Lime and Pink ...I can't get away from it! My dog is named Lilly Pulitzer after the famous designer and I hear her living room is upholstered in several different prints she has designed for her clothing line...I moved to California from Michigan and people out here can hardly imagine pink and green... too bad for them, right? I say go for it in the living room but please make sure you email me a picture of how it turned out!

  2. Susi, I love the nickname! Kinda jealous of it. I have seen pictures of Lilly Pulitzer's home in Palm Beach. It is pretty amazing. If I move forward with the Living Room I will absolutely post pictures. Thanks for reading and commenting. I love hearing from readers.