Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Tree Peony

I stopped at one of my favorite client's homes yesterday to check the progress of my decorative painter who was doing work there and I was introduced to the most wonderful, beautiful thing.

Peonies are on the top of my favorite flowers list and my client knew this well. She asked, "Have you ever seen a Tree Peony?"
I had not, so she ushered me out to her garden in a down pour of rain to see the newest additions to her yard. And there the unusual peonies were. One in a glorious fuchsia pink. The other, the most delicate petal pink, like that of a light pink pigment in a watercolor painting. Almost transparent.

The absolute best part....They were each being shaded by the most delicate looking paper umbrellas. I couldn't believe my eyes. It felt like I had been transported to the magnificent gardens of the Forbidden City in China. Just magical.

"Where on earth did you find these?", I asked. "The Internet." (Of course, how silly of me) "" (Again, of course! Who knew it would be so easy)

So I rushed back to my office to take a look for myself and sure enough, at you can find these gorgeous plants in an array of colors which even includes yellow. Stunning. They range in price, but I found them to be pretty affordable. Most are well under $ 100.00.

I might just have to make room in my garden!



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  1. Just beautiful!! I planted peonies last year. They are slow to start but coming along.
    I checked out the web site. The "coiled dragon in the mist" is outstanding.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That one is so pretty. I love the Alice Harding one, which is one of the yellow ones. They are all so beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! I like the Alice Harding too. I may have to make room in my garden!