Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Am Back!

I am back from a wonderfully fun and relaxing trip to Florida. I headed to the Keys for a girl's weekend to celebrate a good friends up coming marriage in July.

I was reminded how blue green the water really could be! And that sunsets can look like fireballs melting into the water.

Our hotel was dotted with Hibiscus in every color from pink to yellow to this fabulous red.

After a long Winter and Spring in Cleveland it was so wonderful to see the sun, bright colors everywhere, and to feel the humid air on my skin.

Next it was a few days in Ft. Lauderdale where I had visited dozens of times as a little girl. My grandparents had a home there and we would visit on all major breaks from school. It was so fun to see how the city had changed and grown. I loved it and can't wait to get back.
And then it was off to one of my favorite places, anywhere. Boca Grande. I was able to fill my days with lingering breakfasts along the water, walks on the beach, days at the pool, and evenings with great friends. I was there to celebrate a wedding of a dear friend and it was the pinnacle to a great week in Boca. Tons of laughs and what a beautiful wedding. (And bride!)

And now, I am back.
I am back recharged by the blues and greens of the water, the oranges of the setting sun, and the pinks, reds, and greens of the landscape.
I am back excited by finding dozens of sand dollars on a beautiful sand bar on the edge of the Gulf.
I am back inspired by great times with old friends, new friends, and family.
I am back and I am recharged, excited, and inspired to be creative!!!!
images from BBS

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  1. Barrie, so nice to meet another blogger...if only I had known this weekend! Anyway, great pics and your work below is gorgeous! If you're interested, I have a blog at www.jumpingwaves.com about my daughter. Chat soon!