Monday, May 17, 2010

My Vote is for Grey

There was a time not so long ago that I would avoid Grey based schemes for my clients. I would lean towards selecting neutrals with warmer tones.
My thinking was Cleveland already has so many grey days, that adding grey to the home would feel cold. I overlooked the beauty and richness that Greys have to offer.

Last Summer I was working with a client on remolding a home from the late 1960's in Akron. The Den was that dated, deep brown paneling and it needed a lift. Instead of painting it white or cream, I went the opposite direction and suggested Sherwin Williams 7047 Porpoise and it turned out gorgeous. It balances nicely with the new charcoal stained walnut floor we put in the Den and Living Room. (See picture above)

I have noticed a trend towards Grey with my clients.They are starting to crave a little grey in their lives. It is everywhere in our new introductions from the High Point Furniture Market. Fabrics, wallcovering, furniture finishes, lighting.

One of my favorite ways to use Grey is in the Kitchen.

It feels fresh and it doesn't have to look modern.

It is nice mixed with Butcher Block counters.

And so nice with the painted wainscoting behind.

It can look modern as it does in Imperial Trellis (I told you I was obsessed).

Of a great background to a pop of color, like cerise.

Or lilac.

I also love it as a finish for furniture as on this table from West Elm.

But my absolute favorite shade of Grey is on my sweet grey dog, Oliver. Perfection!


Images found on Google Image and credited to Philip Ennis, Canadian Home and Garden, Veranda, Kashani, Colleen Duffley, and West Elm, Oh, and me.

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