Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oval Office Redux

And here it is.... President Obama's Oval Office....Ta Da......(Yawn), Zzzzzz......
I would like to start by saying this is not, and will never be, a political forum or post. My opinions, take them for what they are worth, are not politically driven and I am not inviting a political battle.
I am underwhelmed and disappointed with the unveiling of the Obama Oval Office. While I respect and appreciate Michael S. Smith's, the Obama's White House designer, talents, I am unimpressed with his redesign of the President's office.
Bark colored solid sofas, leather occasional chairs, tone on tone neutral striped walls, an understated, plain rug....Did Pottery Barn do the Oval Office?????
This is the President of the United State's office. This is where he meets with International Diplomats, Presidents, Kings, and the Pope. This is where he runs our country. It should not look like a Family Room in any suburban town in the Midwest. It should not look like it came from the pages of a catalog.

As W. and Clinton are the other Presidents in recent history who did renovations to their office it seems natural to compare the spaces. ( Again, this is not a political comment....)
Now that is an Oval Office. Stunning. Perfection. I need a little pomp and circumstance. A dash of understated glitz. I expect it to look nicer than anything I might have in my own home.

Look at those lamps, that rug. It should feel sophisticated and grand with a nod to the past. (Please note that in this image President Bush is meeting with the Pope) This is a museum after all.

Here is President Clinton's office as pictured in Life magazine. I love the strength of the colors in his Oval Office and that powerful navy rug. It is regal. This feels like the office of a President.
What do you think of the redecoration of the Obama's Oval Office????
all images borrowed from Google image and belong to Life Magazine, The White House Museum, and others.


  1. I sooo agree. You nailed it. Just bla. that you mention family room and midwest...that's it! It's more than bla...this camera view is void of anything feeling American or Presidential. Uh oh. Mis-step here - and I think that I'm being kind, as are you.

  2. I saw on "The West Wing", remember that great TV series, that the eagle on the rug of the oval office faces the olive branches during times of peace and faces the arrows during times of war. Was that completely made up information? Because I would think that the eagle should be facing the arrows ever since W. got us into Iran, Afghanistan, etc.